What is Sinaxis?

Sinaxis is a congress and event management software tool. It is designed to facilitate the organization, running and financial control of events. It is available as a service (no client-side software installation required) and the cost scales in a predictable manner along with the participation of the event. You can access the service by using any modern web browser from a desktop or a portable device.


The Sinaxis team aimed to develop a comprehensive tool with easy extensibility. Such a feature is key to meeting the growing demands of the field. The software was created with the help of PCOs with the clear goal of exceeding the available tools in versatility as well as providing a single unified platform upon which events can be set up and operated without any need of technical expertise.

How it works

Modular software design allows PCOs to go through a wizard interface and select the appropriate features for the event. The results of this process help create the dedicated website that will be available to the participants. Participants will only have access to the features enabled for the specific conference.

Get started

In order to begin setting up your own event, begin by registering here and follow the wizard for the creation of a new congress.

If you need any help in using the software, please don’t hesitate to contact us. A member of the Sinaxis team will be happy to address any issue you may have.