Within Thessaloniki
Thessaloniki has a convenient bus network.
The Porto Palace Hotel is located at 26th Octovriou Ave, next to the New Port and near the city center. To reach/leave the hotel you may take bus route 31 (bus stop SFAGIA), which connects the national bus terminal (T.S. KTEL) to the city center.
Travel by air
The Thessaloniki airport “MAKEDONIA” (SKG) is distanced 14km from the city center and is accessible by bus and taxi. A range of flights are offered from and to national and international destinations.
To access/leave the airport by urban bus you take the 01X and 01N (night) routes, which leave the airport daily every half hour and reach the bus terminal (T.S. KTEL) through the city center in about 45 minutes. Taxis are always available in front of the airport.
To access/leave the Porto Palace hotel from/to the airport by urban bus, you take the 01X bus route up to the PLATIA ARISTOTELOUS stop (10 stops). Then, change to bus 31 and get off the bus at SFAGIA stop (10 more stops). The Porto Place Hotel is few meters away opposite to the bus stop. You can buy the tickets from the automatic machine in the bus. The ticket of the 01X bus route (SKG airport to PLATIA ARISTOTELOUS) costs 2 € while the ticket for the 31 bus route (PLATIA ARISTOTELOUS TO SFAGIA) costs 1 €.
 Alternatively, you can always get a taxi from the SKG airport to Potro Palace Hotel.
Travel by rail
Rail connections are available from the main station to Athens and other major cities of Northern Greece. Timetables and more information can be found on the web-site of the National Railway Organization.
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